Boat Launch

Port of Edmonds Public Boat Launch

Port of Edmonds operates one of the few public sling launches on Puget Sound.

Highly trained Port staff launch your boat directly from the trailer without having to back your equipment into saltwater.
Ample truck and trailer parking, close to the best fishing in Puget Sound, and extended hours during fish openings.

The public launch can handle 10’ to 26’ trailered boats, with a 9’ maximum beam, and 10,000 pounds maximum allowable weight.
Calculate your gross weight using the guidelines below.

Dry Weight: The manufacturer’s weight without any consumables, passengers, or cargo. Dry weight is when all tanks, fuel, water, and holding tanks have not been filled.
Any attachments, the amount or type of fuel in your tank, and water tanks can affect the weight of your boat.

Water Weight: Approximately 8.35 lbs per US gallon | Gasoline Weight: 6.0 to 6.3 lbs per US gallon | Diesel Weight: Approximately 7.15 lbs per US gallon

How Does it Work?

The launching experience is easy and convenient!

1. Pull vehicle to the STOP AREA
2. Get out of vehicle and proceed to the Marina Operations window to pay
3. Return to vehicle and wait for Port staff to call you forward
4. Once you have pulled under the launch, get out of vehicle to unhook the bow and stern from the trailer, and verify the boat plug is in
5. Port staff will place slings under the boat and lift the boat from your trailer.
6. Pull your vehicle forward into the vehicle/trailer parking, and return to your boat in the water
7. Enjoy your time on the water!
8. When you return, tie the boat up on the return side of the dock, retrieve vehicle/trailer, and pull up to the STOP AREA to notify staff that you are ready to come out of the water.

What’s the Difference Between Trailer Types?

The Port of Edmonds can launch boats from roller trailers, bunk trailers, or modified bunk trailers. The un-modified bunk is a more time consuming process, causing the rate to be slightly higher.

How Do I Modify My Bunk Trailer?


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Get a current year Launch Punch card from the Marina Operations office. Receive a 6th launch free with the purchase of 5 round-trip launches!