Doing Business With Us - Port Of Edmonds
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Doing Business With Us

Information on  public works, small works services and projects at the Port of Edmonds.

Doing Business with the Port of Edmonds

Small Works:

This process is used for small public works projects below $100,000. Port staff will endeavor to keep as many local Edmonds businesses on the Small Works Roster as practical. The Port draws from the MRSC small works roster. Please contact MRSC Rosters about the application process.

Commercial Vendors:

Commercial vendors may perform work on Port property by providing the Port of Edmonds with a completed hold harmless agreement, and proof of one million dollars single-limit comprehensive general liability insurance, with the Port being named as an additional insured. Commercial vendors can submit this application to be added to the approved vendor list.

Bids & Awards:

The bids & awards policy is used for purchases in excess of $100,000 and for purchases $25,000 or over for which there is not an existing small works roster. Formal bids are to be used for purchase of materials, equipment and services including, but not limited to, maintenance and new construction activities. Bids are posted at Builders Exchange, with complete packet information and addendum’s posted.

Acquisition of Materials & Equipment:

Per Policy No. 3.50.25, The Port of Edmonds will acquire equipment, materials and services in a manner that is consistent with statutory provisions of the Revised Code of Washington and that result in the most effective delivery of services considering not only cost but value received.