Port of Edmonds

One of the finest marinas in the Puget Sound region.

The Edmonds marina is the primary business focus for the Port of Edmonds. The marina provides more than 80% of the revenue generated by the Port and is considered by many to be one of the finest marinas in the Puget Sound region.


The marina extends 500 feet westward into Puget Sound, and is dredged to a depth of minus 13 feet. The marina breakwater extends some 2,400 feet from north to south along the shoreline. Although construction of the original marina was completed as early as 1961, virtually the entire marina was destroyed in 1996 during a major storm. Reconstruction was completed in 1998 using the highest-quality concrete and steel materials.


The present-day marina includes 663 wet moorage slips and 222 dry storage spaces. There is ample guest moorage available for overnight and short-term stays. The Port provides showers, restrooms, fuel, and boat launch for both tenants and guests.


Waiting times for larger slips (32-54 feet) are currently at two – five years. Smaller-sized slips can usually be obtained in less than two years, however. This is a reflection of current trends in the recreational boating industry, with smaller sport fishing vessels gradually being replaced by larger recreational boats. As the Port considers marina upgrades and/or expansion, it will plan with an eye on this trend toward larger boats.

In addition to regular tenants, there are generally up to 30 short-term guests at the marina at any given time. Edmonds competes favorably with other marinas in the area for this guest moorage, due to the quality of facilities – both in the water and on shore. The economic benefits of these guests extend far beyond the Port itself, as many guests take advantage of the restaurants and shops along the shoreline and in the downtown core.


46 full and part time personnel operate the marina. Their primary duties are to provide launching, fuel, maintenance, security, and administrative services.


The Port of Edmonds is a Leadership Certified Clean Marina and Leadership Certified Boatyard.


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