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Public Works
Public Works
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Public Works

Formal Bid:

The bids & awards policy is used for purchases in excess of $100,000 and for purchases $35,000 or over for which there is not an existing small works roster. Formal bids are to be used for purchase of materials, equipment and services including, but not limited to, maintenance and new construction activities.

The formal bid requires the development of a set of specifications, which is to be approved by the Executive Director before being released for bid, and must be on file in the Port office for public inspection. The availability of specifications, the details of the bid solicitation, and the date and time of the opening of sealed bids will be advertised in a newspaper in Snohomish County. The bids will be opened and read aloud publicly thirteen (13) calendar days after the last advertisement. Bid award shall be based on the following three factors: 1) whether the bid was the “lowest” bid submitted, 2) whether the bidder is a “responsible” one, and 3) whether the bid is “responsive” to the call for bids. Bids are posted at Builders Exchange, with complete packet information and addendum’s posted.

Small Works Roster:

This process is used for small public works projects below $100,000. For contracts between $100,000 and $200,000, the Port Commission can authorize the use of the small works roster process. Quotations may be invited from all appropriate contractors on the appropriate Small Works Roster. As an alternative, quotations may be invited from at least five (5) contractors/vendors from the Small Works Roster in a manner that will equitably distribute the opportunity among the contractors on the appropriate roster. Port staff will endeavor to keep as many local Edmonds businesses on the Small Works Roster as practical. The Port draws from the MRSC small works roster. Please contact MRSC Rosters for information on the application process.