2023 Marina Electrical Testing

2023 Marina Electrical Testing

We are starting 2023 with our annual electrical inspections on all marina docks – please find additional information below. As always, let us know if you have any questions.


What does electrical testing mean for our boaters?

  • During the test, your vessel will briefly be unplugged from shore power. Upon completion, Port Staff will reinsert the cord and return the breaker to the position we found it in.
  • We know that some onboard systems might need special attention to reboot after this power disruption – if this applies to your vessel, don’t hesitate to contact the Port Operations Office. Our team is happy to schedule an inspection time that allows you to be present while we perform the test. We cannot take responsibility for powering or resetting the boat-side systems.


What are we looking for when we test?

  • Temperature: We will scan the boat side connection and pedestal outlet with a thermal imaging camera; this tool can identify connection points or power cord issues.
  • Cord Condition: We will examine the overall power cord condition and the prongs connected to the dockside pedestal.
  • Port Equipment: We will review our electrical gear, pedestals, and outlets to ensure there is no damage or malfunction.


When are we completing the test?
  • January 21st: South Marina, Docks B-G
  • January 22nd: North Marina, North side of P-U
  • January 28th: Mid Marina, Docks H, South side of P
  • January 29th: Mid Marina, Docks M, N
  • Our team is happy to schedule an inspection time that allows you to be present while we perform the test; give us a call or email to make an appointment.